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"For Business Owners Who Are Almost (But Not Quite) Satisfied With Their Twitter Marketing - and Can't Figure Out What They're Doing Wrong:"

"Why a Shocking 73.4% FAIL At Their Twitter for Business Efforts--And the Astonishing New Discovery That Could Quadruple YOUR Chances for MASSIVE Social Media Success"


  • You get highly-qualified leads generated FREE that are as warm as toast to you and your products--from the get-go.
  • You don't spend a dime on a costly sales force, because your rabid buyers readily evangelize your products and services.
  • You're the maven in your niche that everyone turns to. Surprisingly, all it took you was just under a month to cement their undying loyalty.
  • You receive more Joint Venture proposals than you can handle, and the strategic alliances you're already involved in are hauling you in boatloads of cash.
  • You're technically retired and you're working for fun, because your every single need and desire --and that of your family-- is taken care of.
  • The best part is, you're experiencing all these astonishing things during this challenging economic time!

"Impossible? Not with the social media miracle

that's GUARANTEED to give your marketing a

5-in-1 rocket boost."

Twitter Marketing Strategies - By Kenneth Yu, The Puppet Master
"The Puppet Master" Kenneth Yu

Fellow Business Owner:

Here's the scoop:

Twitter is now the most popular social media platform for business owners and SME's.

Unfortunately, a recent study has shown only a dismal 1/3 of them are happy with their results when using Twitter for business.

You may be one of them. Drawn in with all the media buzz and Twitter's constant presence in the news.

However, the million dollar question you're probably asking now could be...

Can I REALLY make money through Twitter?

Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation and junk out there. You may have gotten DM's like this in your inbox...

Here's how I got 16k followers in a month... Blah blah blah.

I know... It's really frustrating. All you need is something effective. Something stripped of hyperbole and promote measurable results. Something that can genuinely impact your business and take it to the next level.

Good News... Using Twitter for business can be an awesome marketing tool. In fact, it can be the most powerful weapon in your entire money-making arsenal--if you know how to wield it.

In fact, master Twitter and you gain access to the key of business acceleration. You can potentially quadruple your earnings, create viral sensations and reach the top of the mountain--in as little as 14 days.

The astonishing story I'm about to share may help you understand the near unbelievable claims I'm making.

Let me introduce myself.

Kenneth Yu, the Puppet Master's Twitter Marketing Strategies

My name is Kenneth Yu, and my friends and followers call me the Puppet Master.

The reason is because I've perfected the art of persuasion, effortlessly pulling my prospects' heartstrings and pursestrings, coaxing them to eagerly hand over their hard-earned money.

Twitter is a CENTRAL part of my money-producing strategy.

Here's what a few marketing legends have to say about me.

Twitter Marketing Strategies
Mark Joyner Twitter Marketing Strategies"Kenneth Yu is a bona-fide Twitter genius. His SPARKS Theory alone can quadruple your results."

Godfather of the Internet, Integration Marketing

Twitter Marketing Strategies
Drayton Bird Twitter Marketing Strategies"Kenneth Yu has succeeded in classic direct marketing and the new media. A rare bird nowadays, when too many people suffer by being specialists without knowing the big picture. Impressive."

Drayton Bird
Founder of Ogilvy Direct, and CIM's Top 50 Most Influential Marketers

Perry Belcher Twitter Marketing Strategies"Not only is Kenneth a gifted copywriter, he has become a great friend and trusted marketing celebrity on Twitter. He is a gifted guy, always willing to help everyone from rank newbies to us ‘so-called' pros. I always take time to read everything he writes. His angles are sharp and his headlines grabbing. Watch as this star rises in the IM world."

Perry Belcher
Millionaire Importing Specialist, Speaker and Coach

Mike Reining Twitter Marketing Strategies"At MindValley, Kenneth Yu quickly rose to become the #1 marketer and he played a HUGE role in helping MindValley grow by over 100% in 2008. If you want to learn how to succeed at marketing yourself via Twitter, then I strongly urge you to listen to the Twitter Master himself."

Mike Reining
Co-founder of MindValley, Former eBay Director of New Venture Strategy


Would you agree these comments are proof enough you can trust me?

Here's the kicker--I got to know most of these experts FROM using Twitter.

I used the 3C Method (completely revealed in The Twitter Salvation System) to effortlessly get into their inner circle, and have never looked back.

Since then, I've been invited to speaking gigs, conference engagements and joint ventures with these top dogs.

There are so many of them that I've even had to start turning people down.

You know, I haven't always been the highly persuasive, Twitter-savvy Puppet Master. I started out an average Joe, and this is my story.

Like Most Good Stories, It Started With a Girl...

Twitter Marketing Strategies My Twitter Love Story Twitter Paid Off My Wedding To My Lovely Wife Laura

When I first met my fiancee Laura, I knew my life would never be the same.

I mean, even outwardly, that itself was an obvious statement.

She is Zimbabwean African. I'm Malaysian Chinese. Her chocolate skin, sparkling brown eyes, and braided hair were foreign to me.

Even though the cultural differences were a challenge we could overcome easily enough, it was the subsequent incidents that I was even more ill-prepared for.

You see, like all people in love, we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, so we got engaged.

Then we hit two major speedbumps along the way.

The first one is that according to her culture--like in a lot of African nations--I was required to pay a dowry to the bride's family--IN CATTLE.

Yes, you got that right. Cattle! The average Zimbabwean dowry is 8 cows.

That was something I didn't mind. After all, I was going to marry the most beautiful girl in the world.

The dowry, roora or lobola as it is known, is a sign of respect to the girl's family, a way of thanking them for raising such a wonderful daughter.

In addition to being a way of reimbursing them for the potential income that the family loses when their daughter is married into another family, the roora is also meant to be a small token of comfort for the 'loss' of their daughter from their family as she is taken under the covering of her husband's family.

However, the second issue was this--the crazed tyrant Robert Mugabe was still in power, and that I minded a whole lot more.

You see, as we were going out in Malaysia, for Laura, things got increasingly bad at home. Despite international pressure, Zimbabwean Robert Mugabe still clung to power. Consequently the country paid the heavy economic price.

The 2 million percent inflation rate has taken its toll on the people of Zimbabwe. In fact, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe recently introduced the 100 Billion Dollar note for easier transactions.

As mocked and parodied as that is by all those inconsiderate comedy shows...

It Is Really No Laughing Matter...

...for the people of Zimbabwe. Thousands are dying everyday.

As a result of the country's ecomonic meltdown, the Dowry is, nowadays, often looked to as a way out of economic suffering. Because times are so hard, instead of a small token of appreciation, families are now demanding OBSCENE amounts for the roora, all out of desperation.

In fact, there have been reports of demands for houses, cars and mobiles --things that we take for granted--in addition to the cattle.

In case you have not gathered, that's a lot of coin. Even as a copywriter earning a comfortable income, I needed to do something drastic to marry my bride.

I needed to get clients, and to get clients fast.

This was the reason I turned to Twitter, since there was so much buzz about it being a potent networking tool.

I decided to use this slightly unconventional strategy because the market was saturated with copywriters willing to work for rock-bottom prices flooding all the conventional vehicles like Elance and job boards.

As I didn't (and shouldn't) compete on price, I decided to go the whole social media route.

Frankly, I didn't know what to expect. After all, tons of people were telling me that this whole Web 2.0 shebang was purely hype, and nothing more.

To my utter surprise, I started getting gigs from day 1. A mere 3 weeks later, these were my results:

  • 1314 warm targeted leads, without spending a cent on PPC
  • $10,000 worth of value in terms of consultation and JV relationships
  • Strategic alliances with half a dozen internet millionaires

At that time, I still had NO website, NO list and NO name.

Since then, I now have a mailing list, a website, and connections with nearly every "guru" in the scene.

Now my pipeline is filled with at least 6 figure's worth of projects in various niches with a variety of experts.

Is that your dream, too? To network with fire-in-their-belly, think-and-GROWN-rich entreprenuers who can help you take your business to the next level.

More importantly...

Twitter marketing strategies You CAN make enough money to fund a wedding with these Twitter marketing strategies - Laura and I on our wedding day

I successfully married the woman-of-my-dreams!

I did every bit of this without any of those fancy Twitter tools and sites. I just used the main site as it is.

Then, the emails and DMs came from the marketing gurus. I was amazed that...

They were asking me how I used Twitter the way I did!

It was then I realized my rapid success was an exceptional case...

So many marketers (even the high level ones) are struggling on Twitter with dismal results, and they simply don't know why.

In fact, here's what three of the Internet Elite have to say...

Twitter Marketing Strategies Mike Morgan Million Dollar Copywriter"There's two ways to use marketing tools... the right way and the wrong way.

"Well, Twitter is a marketing tool, and if you want to use it elegantly, reaping rewards of ‘The Biggest Country Club on the Net' there is no one better to show you than ‘the Puppet Master' Kenneth Yu. He does it RIGHT.

"Kenneth will show you how to get a ‘psychic link' to your followers, and build your brand and your business FAST. His mind control techniques are unbeatable...yet completely ethical. I give his Salvation System my highest recommendation for those who want to grow their sphere of influence on Twitter."

Mike Morgan
Million Dollar Copywriter

Twitter Marketing Strategies Jimmy Vee Gravitational Marketing"Kenneth Yu is my Twitter mentor. Using his Twitter Salvation System I've attracted over 2000 followers in less than 2 months and I'm in the 98th percentile of people being retweeted. I've also made relationships, generated leads and attracted paying newsletter subscribers using his method.

Don't miss this about Kenneth. He is more than a Twitter master. He understands the core fundamentals of marketing and motivating people to take action. This is his secret weapon. What he reveals in the The Twitter Salvation System will not only make you a tour de force on Twitter but an better overall marketer as well.

Don't twitter your life away... maximize your time and your results with this system."
Jimmy Vee
Author of Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers

Twitter Marketing Strategies Dean Hunt Buzz Marketing Expert"I am still trying to get to grips with Twitter, so what I do is try and emulate what Kenneth is doing. He has nailed it. I secretly think he may own Twitter, as he seems to know how to make it dance to his jolly tune. Quite simply, if I want a better body, I see a personal trainer, if I want to get a loan, I see my bank manager... if I want to be successful with Twitter... I see Kenneth. There is no one else as qualified as far as I am concerned."

Dean Hunt
Buzz Marketing Expert


From that point on, I began to reverse-engineer my explosive results-oriented process.

Given my persuasionist background (I was a 6 figure copywriter after all)...

I'll get there in a minute. But first I want to share...

Why Twitter is Your Shining Hope in this Deep Dark Recession!

The dollar disaster is here, and it's about to get uglier.

Consumer prices in November (as measured by the consumer price index) plunged by the largest amount on record going back 61 years. The construction of new U.S. homes plummeted in November by the largest amount in almost a quarter-century.

This means your potential customers are paralyzed by the deathly grip of fear. As a result, they're spending less and less.

Your stream of customers may seem to be drying up. It's a market that refuses to spend while growing immune to the flood of advertising from increasingly desperate marketers. The money that should easily be yours is captive in the clutches of their tightly held fists!

It's like a pack of rabid pit-bulls fighting over a solitary piece of meat.

You might be asking...

What Is The Ultimate Solution to Building a Recession-Proof Business?

Before I reveal the answer, I want you to discover the "Ultimate Problem".

This is the main reason why businesses are tumbling right, left and center like a sack of potatoes. Why retail outlets are on perpetual sales mode and slashing prices just to get by. Why prospects are as hard to come by as water in a desert.

Why everyone--including you perhaps--seem to be suffering.

Are the causes bailout bufoons, Wall Street fat cats, Bernanke blunders or Madoff-type scammers? Not really. Though they did play a huge part in getting us into this mess.

Here's the surprising answer, and its only 4 letters long.


I probably know you're thinking... It does seem crazy that our economic problems are psychological ones!

However, here's proof that we could be on to something.

On March 13, President Obama's National Economic Council head Lawrence Summers noted in his speech that the economic crisis has led to an "excess of fear" that must be reversed.

That's not a wild speculation, because it's rooted in the work of famous British economist John Maynard Keynes. He said people's economic decisions, in both good times and bad times, are driven by "animal spirits". Primitive psychological tendencies that we all possess.

For example, when times are good, you become bold and then you get comfortable. On the other hand, when times are bad, you become fearful. Driven into fight-and-flight mode.

That's the main reason why your prospect is grabbing on to their wallets for dear life.

As you gathered by now, what do you think is the promised solution? That's right, you got to...

Remove Their Fear!

Please remember this point...

Marketing expert J.P. Micek says "People buy from who you are before they buy what you sell."

You see, it's not that your prospects have no money. It's just that they're not going to spend any of what they do have on unknown products from unknown people.

So to get around that problem, just give them good reasons to NOT be scared.

Here's why... In their book Animal Spirits: How Human Psychology Drives the Economy, and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism, Yale economics professor Robert J. Shiller and 2001 Nobel Laureate in Economics George Akerlof further broke down your prospect's fear into actionable problems that you--as a savvy online marketer--can address.

One of the main factors of the fear is the shattering of confidence, rooted in a violation of trust. Case in point, greedy corporations like AIG and Citibank has screwed us over with their built-on-sand financial products. Internet marketing snake oil salesmen have promised push-button-riches which brings you ZERO results as they run off with your money.

It's no wonder that prospects are mired knee-deep in fear, distrustful of anyone.

Here's the clincher--rebuild the trust bit-by-bit, then they'll start gladly handing over their money to you. In a moment I'm going to show you how you can do that in a matter of minutes.

Even when it comes to Joint Venture Partners, they have to be convinced you're the real deal before they start accepting you into their inner circle and promoting you. After all, they've probably been burned countless times by broken promises and dishonest cheats.

Unless you're already running with the big dogs, there's only one very fast, very powerful way to accomplish this level of undeniable social proof. It's a bulldozer to smash fear into smithereens.

I firmly believe that it IS the most powerful marketing vehicle on Earth...


That's right. Believe me, it goes way beyond all the hype you've encountered thus far.

You may have heard the immense media buzz. You may have heard of its phenomenal 800% tipping-point growth for the year. You may hear social media evangelists proclaming it the future of marketing.


Because I have stumbled into unbelievable success using this microblogging platform--without a list, name or website. I funded an expensive wedding and launched a business that was profitable since the first minute. Best of all, I did all this in slightly under 3 months.

Using only Twitter, I discovered:

  • LEADS ON SPEED - the quickest, fastest way to generate nearly 15,000 hungry prospects in a ridiculously short time (it almost seems unfair).
  • The overlooked secret to ATTRACT more than half a dozen internet millionaires into MY inner circle--even when I was a nobody with no website.
  • Mavenship in a month - going from unknown to trusted authority, starting from Day 1. In that "nobody" phase, I was already getting JV offers and speaking gigs--purely by accident.
  • Plus much more.

And so, the answer came to me!

The 2 Part Formula for
Massive Twitter Success

The reason for my success was found in this equation:

AI + MCT = Recession-Killing Income


The International Herald Tribune defines Ambient Intimacy as any online social medium that enables users to keep in touch with people with a level of regularity and intimacy that you wouldn't normally have access to, because time and space conspire to make it impossible.

In other words, in certain social media platforms, people are predisposed to you and have fewer defenses up--making connection easy. More importantly...

It makes them vulnerable to your marketing messages!

According to leading interactive thinker Tim O'Reilly, Twitter is the greatest Ambient Intimacy device on the planet. Here are 3 startling reasons why:

  1. Twitter is Safe. Your contact information is protected, and it takes just the push of a button to block a threat. As a result, people interact without the fear of intrusion.
  2. Twitter is Real Time. Studies have shown that Immediate Interaction is the key to accelerating intimacy between two people.
  3. Twitter is Short. With a 140 character limit, prospects will not think twice about baring their soul because brevity creates the illusion of security.

The implications for Twitter are astounding:

You're getting warm leads who are feeding you marketing information from the start!

Now, that sounds like something you desire, doesn't it?

Let's look at the other half of the equation.


Sounds unethical--even downright evil, doesn't it?

Well, if you're the unethical, evil sort then obviously you would probably not use these principles for the good work they're intended for. If that's the case, please stop reading immediately.

However, if you're an honest marketer or small business owner who's just trying to get through these tough times...

This arsenal of Psychological Triggers and Push-button Persuasion Tricks is a lifesaver!

You must agree that what matters right now are your sales, right? That short of putting a gun to your prospect's head, you want them to GLADLY, quickly and continuously keep fattening up your bank account over and over again.

Buying is an emotional response. When you combine the persuasion strategies I'm about to show you with the lightning-quick lead generating power of Ambient Intimacy...

Getting prospects to buy from you is like shooting fish in a barrel!

Here's the important point...

You're Just Moments Away from the Astonishingly Simple Way to Make Money Using Twitter...

With headlines like "HOW SCARED SHOULD YOU BE?" and "WORST CRISIS SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION" screaming from the newstands, I don't blame you if you do feel even the tiniest bit concerned.

By now you must realize if you're feeling somewhat discontented with where you're at, you've got plenty of company. Millions of business owners feel just like you do. They know that these tough times aren't going to vanish anytime soon. However, most incorrectly assume they have no choice except to get used to it...


What if I told you it doesn't matter if you have made grave financial mistakes--whether the crisis seems to be affecting you a lot worse than it should... How worried you are about what the future holds... If your job or business is at stake... Or even how faithfully you've tried online marketing methods and yet the results seem DISMAL at best.

Here's the thing--I believe the so-called gurus are scraping the surface when it comes to teaching Twitter--simply because they don't know about the full potential of this marketing weapon.

What they don't know has cost you dearly!

Here's what an experienced marketer had to say:

Twitter Marketing Strategies Nick "The Geek" Tech Ninja and SEO SamuraiHi Kenneth,

One of my consulting clients let me access his copy of the Twitter Salvation System to help me set up the tech side of things to maximize the impact in his niche and I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how stunned I was with TSS.

Yesterday evening, I spent hours pouring over all the PDFs and the videos; reading and re-reading, watching and re-watching making pages of notes not only to help me get all the tech on-board but also to supercharge my own Twitter efforts.

What really impressed me most was when you talked about the psychological reasons why Twitter is so successful and how if you format your "Tweets" to align with that reasoning, it makes it difficult NOT to succeed.

I'm not doing too bad at the moment (954 followers as I type) but after going through TSS, I realize I'm only just scratching the surface of what's possible.

It's rare these days that I sit down and write an email like this to anyone, mainly because 99% of stuff that's released is the same old crap dressed in a new suit.

After being online for 12 years, I've seen it all, but I'm genuinely impressed with what you've put together here.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what other cool stuff you put out there.


Nick "The Geek" Smith
Tech Ninja and SEO Samurai

P.S. Oh and if you think I'm not going to use all this ninja information for my own nefarious means, you're dreaming.

Forgive me. :o )


Here's the rub...

Because you probably don't yet know how to leverage the true power of Twitter, you're undoubtedly fumbling every online networking opportunity--instead of magically transforming initial contacts into lucrative strategic alliances. With just one key sentence you'll get INVITED into their inner circle, and you won't even need to ask.

Because you probably don't yet know how to leverage the true power of Twitter, you most likely can't seem to break away and live the recession-proof life you aspire to. Thankfully, you're just one simple technique away from breaking those chains and starting to live the good life.

Because you probably don't yet know how to leverage the true power of Twitter, in all likelihood you're suffering watching this awful reality of taxpayer-funded bailouts and shrivelling 401 k plans--yet all you need is JUST ONE SECRET to tap into an endless reservoir of hot leads with built-in brand loyalty to fund your worry-free life for a long, long time.

Here's the clincher...

Now... For the First Time Ever... These Social Media Principles are Yours for the Taking...

Getting hold of the simple, effective, mind-blowing principles in this home study course is just a click away. Use them to make all the money you want.

Here's the best news...

The Quickest and Easiest System for Getting
FREE Recession-Proof Leads Is Just A Click Away

Yes, getting quality leads for FREE is just a 3 minute video away. Watch it and be amazed by the thousands you can get in literally days--all without the mounting costs of PPC.

The secret to taking control of your potentially volatile circumstances is just a matter of knowing some rather sneaky psychological principles to propel yourself to the top of the food chain overnight. Then, all the things that once seemed so out of reach will become as easy as tying your shoelaces.

I'm willing to prove it to you, without you risking a penny. Here's how.

Let me send you--at my risk--the most breakthrough Twitter marketing program available today. When the short video downloads complete, set aside 20 minutes a day from the following weekend. Watch just one module. Then get ready for one of the most thrilling and exciting weeks of branding and marketing breakthroughs that you'll ever enjoy.

Here's what some people who've already applied the principles have to say...

Twitter Marketing Strategies Dr. Fern Kazlow Shattering Financial Limitations"The Twitter Bible! Kenneth shows you how to maximize the Twitter experience with insightful, thought-provoking, and fresh ideas you won't find anywhere else. An absolute must for everyone - from the newbie to the seasoned pro. After viewing Kenneth's Twitter Salvation System, you'll never think of social media the same way again. I'd ‘follow' him anywhere! Thanks, Kenneth!"

Dr. Fern Kazlow
Shattering Financial Limitations™

Twitter Marketing Strategies Lisa Robin Young Home Party Expert"If you want to get to the heart of your niche, he's not called The Puppet Master for nothing! Kenneth's keen understanding of using Twitter to penetrate the defenses of the human mind has helped me add 100 new targeted followers in the last week alone - and that was just Module ONE! These aren't just random followers; prospects in my niche that are reaching out to me because they want to do business with me. Plus, did I mention several new JV opportunities that NEVER would have happened at this speed any other way?

"I say over and over again that people want to do business with those they know, like and trust. The Twitter Salvation System makes that possible at lightning speed. It is a serious business building arsenal - and it's not for everyone. Only people that want to connect, give value and grow their business like crazy need apply."

Lisa Robbin Young
Home Party Expert

Twitter Marketing Strategies Kristin Kopp Life Coach"Ken's brilliance won't just help you to Tweet with conviction, passion and authority. His information packed revelations will change the way you communicate with your prospects forever. Slay the dragon of conformity and stand out from the crowd."
Kristin Kopp
Life Coach
Twitter Marketing Strategies Julie Gibbons PeopleMaps Professional Personality Profiling Online"He's cool, he's calm, he's collected - and he'll demonstrate how to get your prospects dancing to your tune with this essential guide to marketing on Twitter. He's the Puppet Master, and if you're a small biz owner or infopreneur he'll save you a lot of Twitter heartache with these top tips to getting it right first time. Twitter is the hottest social network - and Kenneth Yu's Twitter Salvation System will show you how to make your presence sizzlin'!"
Julie Gibbons
PeopleMaps, Professional Personality Profiling Online

Put It Into Action... In the Very First Hour, You'll Already Start Seeing Results

Go ahead and watch just the first 15 minutes of the C2C Branding chapter. Review in your mind the billion dollar secrets revealed there that Madison Avenue doesn't want you to know--what you must do to instantly set yourself apart. Do this and your personal branding will itself become a marketing channel--that YOUR NAME ALONE is all your prospect's need to buy from you.

Then dive into the Sacred Cow Tipping secret. Execute this Dan Kennedy-inspired exercise and suddenly you command people's attention like light in a pitch-black tunnel. As you know, once you engage someone's attention, they'll be in no hurry to pay attention to anyone else, ESPECIALLY your competitors.

Sound crazy? That's only Module 2. Listen to the other half and suddenly you'll discover the simple process to become latest viral sensation. This puts to death the myth of accidental internet stardom once and for all.

Are you starting to get excited yet?

Those are just 2 videos. There are whopping 18 of them in all, jam packed with secrets.

Which Areas of Your Business Do You Want to
Turbo-Charge in a Single Weekend?
Lead Generation, Brand Building, Joint Venture Relationships?

Each video is a vault of top secret moneymaking information in itself. Open each one at your own pace and start learning how to be a maven in your niche in record time. Then enjoy the benefits that come with authority a few short weeks later--mastermind invitations, free review products, a fly-on-the-wall insider's view of million dollar launches.

Begin tapping into the seemingly bottomless arsenal of tips and tricks to connect with your prospect... Using Twitter-enabled Psychic Market Research to peer into your prospect's mind... To know their deepest hopes, fears and dreams... then wow, every marketing angle is a winner for you from now on...

Perhaps you've got a more pressing issue...

Is your checkbook on life support?

Are you struggling financially, scraping by with barely enough for your normal bills and debts? If so, listen immediately to the astonishing module on generating hot leads. Yes, RED HOT. Discover my exclusive AutoWow Process that will turn a stranger into a friend into a evangelist in just ONE sentence.

Guess what? You're still only on Module 2.

Success stories really tell the tale and next to seeing your own results are the best proof of all, right? Here's some more from the Internet's hottest young superstars...

Twitter Marketing Strategies Linus "Holy s***! This is freaking awesome.

"Personally I've always struggled to tame the twitter beast, and Ken's brilliance with his Salvation System has really opened my eyes to the possibilities. It's like I've been struck by the twit-bug yet again.

"Awesomeness in a can."

Linus "the lemonarian" Rylander
Bum Marketer

Twitter Marketing Strategies Amir Ahmad Social Media Marketing Consultant to NY Times Best-selling Authors"Kenneth's Twitter Salvation System is freaking awesome! And get this, I'm a social media expert by profession, yet, I still gained a ton of superb insights simply by watching the excellent videos.

If you want to grow your business, find JV partners, and truly begin to understand the massive power of Twitter, grab the Twitter Salvation System now. Kenneth provides killer-value and overdelivers. There's no question about it. It's seriously good stuff, and I highly recommend it."

Amir Ahmad
Social Media Marketing Consultant to NY Times Best-selling Authors

Twitter Marketing Strategies Saiful Rizal The Entrepreneur Express"Ever heard of a Twitter product that gives you 412% more followers, 5 JV Partners & all in in 9 days? Well you better believe it. Kenneth got nasty on this one & gave all his best tips away. Grab it while it's still dirt cheap!"

Saiful Rizal
The Entreprenuer Express


I'll bet by now, you'll agree that the more you read about this, the more you feel you should grab this lifesaver for yourself, while you have the chance.

So Allow Me to Pull Back the Curtain to Reveal:

The Twitter Salvation System

Twitter Marketing Strategies, Tips and Secrets - The Twitter Salvation System

Go through it for a FULL 60 DAYS RISK FREE.

This limited-edition whopper of a home study course is specially designed so that by the time you're done, you will have mastered every single important thing about Twitter so you can start using it to beat the recession effortlessly.

But first, let me introduce you to the exciting BRAND NEW 100% video modules of the Twitter Salvation System... The ultimate supplement to taking your Salvation System experience to whole new different plane!

For the very first time, Twitter Salvation System has its very own beginners' videos...


Zero-to-Hero Twitter Explosion Blueprint

You requested this, and I listened. The Twitter Salvation System now has a special beginners module for you Twitter virgins out there.

Is your very first Tweet "finding out about Twitter" or "confused about Twitter"?

This also could be your situation... You tweet out an affiliate link, hoping to make easy money, but you're not making a single red cent.

In fact, people are unfollowing you in droves.

And here's the kicker...

You might already be reading Twitter tips on the blogs. Let's admit it, they may be helpful to a degree. Unfortunately, most of them are "What to Do's" and not "How to Do's"!

I mean, what do tips like "be interesting", "add massive value to your followers" and "have a compelling profile" mean in actionable, ROI-driven steps?

I'd been in your shoes. It's challenging with so much surface, disjointed information out there. There's NOTHING on what you must do to ensure Twitter becomes a legitimately profitable stream.

As a result, I decided to come out with a step-by-step blueprint on starting a successful Twitter account from scratch. Intimate over-the-shoulder videos holding you by the hand as you become Twitter newbie to professional in as little as 2 hours. In painstaking detail, I have laid out every nuance, every strategy, so that you get the right solid foundations of rock.

Imagine generating targeted traffic at will, so that you're homepage will nearly instantly increase in sales conversion. How about becoming the authority in your niche? "Success Fool" Alejandro Reyes says that the playing field is now even. How do you feel to bypass the years of hard work that people get to where they are--all because you know a few social media principles they didn't. It almost seems unfair.

After the first 3 videos, you get a headstart over the rest of your competitors. Because you already started your Twittering the right way.

In these videos, you'll learn:

  • The essential things every newbie must know about Twitter. Miss just one thing and your Twitter efforts will be set back by days, even months!
  • How to unlease the formidable marketing power of #hashtags. What are they? Simple tips and tricks to reap the SEO benefits.
  • PLUS: A day in the life of a "bona-fide Twitter genius". Nearly effortless step-by-step play-by-play blueprint to Twitter stardom
  • And much more.

And for the existing Twitter power users, these breakthrough videos are for you!


The Ultimate Way to Get
Thousand FANATICS a Day

Lately, we all experience these annoying DMs and Tweets -- "How you can get 20k followers in under a minute, and how you can make money doing it!"

Don't you hate that kind of blatant claims?

Yet it is true. Here's the shocking truth--adding followers is brain-dead easy. This 4 step process is so simple that even a 5 year old can do it.

  1. Blindly follow as many people as humanly possible.
  2. Give it a few days for people to follow you back.
  3. Flush away those meanies who didn't follow you back.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

Simple right? Yet they don't tell you the horror stories after the fact...

When you send out a promo link, you don't even make a single sale. In fact, every pitch you send out is met with outright hostility, like they are out for your blood!

Your numbers are useless.

Yet if you want to have a cult following... If you want clients streaming through your pipeline... If you want to raise up an army of buyers who do the marketing for you... You gotta listen to one of the most powerful secrets to successful marketing on Twitter....

Fanatics, not followers.

Fanatics love you to bits. Fanatics ReTweet your stuff like mad (yes, even your marketing pitches). Fanatics readily give you glowing testimonials. Fanatics become evangelists that spread YOUR cause. Fanatics are your army of buyers.

How excited are you at the possibility? In this never-before-revealed module, you get:

  • How to get BOTH followers and fanatics in spades. Simple one-two punch strategy to attract as much as a thousand followers a day. PLUS: Amazing automated process to transform them into raving fanatics!
  • The Perpetual Testimonial Generating Machine: Easy technique to identify the "groupies" that will slavishly endorse your every product. 30 second Tweet tweak to ensure the rest get to that stage of intimacy with you.
  • GROW BIG FAST with this simple 10 minute daily ritual.
  • And much more.

Yes, there's more!


How to Unleash Your Social Influence!

Now you get your FANATICS. (Not followers) How do you make sure they become more and more fervent followers of your cult?

After all, sheep do stray. Better, how do you make sure your followers become an army of promoters and affiliates to promote you stuff--for FREE. Because they love you, and not because of the commissions or ethical bribes you are offering them.

For example, getting on the front page of Digg is often not about content as it is about the relationship you have with the top Diggers. Sounds unfair, but in the social media space, LOVE is everything.

Not just a relationship, but a loving relationship, where your followers really "Digg" everything you say.

Having social influence means that if you come out with a blog post, it will most probably become a viral sensation.

Being a social influencer means you can put fabled buzzwords like "Word-of-Mouth" marketing, viral marketing, and maven-hood to work for you. You experience the joy and accomplishment of having everything you put out gain an instant audience. More importantly, you get more and more buyers from that exponentially increasing audience, resulting in easier and easier sales.

What is influence? It's the ability to get your prospects to nod their heads and say yes in every step of the buying process. According to persuasion specialist Robert Cialdini's "Commitment and Consistency" principle, if your prospects say yes to your tinier suggestions the first time, they will say yes to the bigger things--yes, even your big ticket items.

It's a standard marketing practice. you live in a world of free trials, upsells and 1st-month-free--all designed to get you to nod your head from the start, in the hope you'll start biting on the expensive offerings.

This is when it gets good.

The reason why Twitter is the ultimate social influence machine is because you can get your prospects to nod their heads to your messages easily. In fact before they know it, they already start handing you money because they been nodding so much in a space of a short time.

Your head-nodders now will do your bidding. They will RT your affiliate links. They will spread your latest marketing campaign for free. They will defend you against your haters. (When you're famous, you'll get opponents.) They will answer any of your market research questions that you can further use to profit from them.

In this explosive module of astonishing influence secrets, you'll learn:

  • The more people hate you, the more people love you. How to exploit the power of polarization to seperate the wheat from the chaff.
  • The great enemy of likability. Overlook this goodwill-murdering bad habits at your peril!
  • Your social influence is measured by the number of ReTweets. The more RTs you get, the more authority you enjoy. 3 simple ways to get 'em to RT your stuff all across the Tweetasphere.
  • And much more.

Yes, there's more!


Psychic Market Research

Ever had the situation where you thought you have the perfect marketing angle? The perfect sales letter? The perfect email?

Yet, your promotion BOMBED. Why? Because your market wasn't ready for it.

Don't you wish you're able to "pull a Matt Parkman" and read your prospect's thoughts, so you can tailor every promotion according to what matters to them.

Imagine what that will do for your response rates?

Good news. With Twitter, you can.

Let me explain.

World-famous tech blog Techcruch recently talked about how Twitter was like a thought stream, where people's true thoughts flow like a river for all to see.

They said that Google is great in finding out what people are searching for at the moment. Twitter is great at finding out what people are THINKING ABOUT NOW.

Isn't great marketing to speak to the conversation in your prospect's mind. Well, Twitter is one big conversation!

With the secrets I'm teaching you, you will make your marketing irresistable to your prospects. Because you can tailor your messages to their hopes, dream and fears with pinpoint precision.

So in this BRAND NEW module, you learn:

  • 5 essential "crystal balls" to spy into your prospect's mind. FREE Twitter tools to discern the pulse at the moment. PLUS: How to profit from it.
  • How to ensure nearly every single one of your marketing campaigns is a WINNER. Simple 3 minute process to melt away failure from your marketing.
  • The secret to be irresistably relevant to your prospect. What you must do to give them no way out but to respond to you.
  • And much more.

And now for the best part...

The Twitter Salvation System comes in a bumper 6 module, 18 videos instant download, complete with a 100 page manual and a few other cool bonuses. It's PACKED TO THE BRIM with explosive techniques on using Twitter to enhance, empower and equip your business.

Here's a small preview of what each module has to offer.

Twitter Marketing Strategies - The Twitter Salvation System Module 1 - Twitter Trance

Module 1

Twitter Trance

  • 3 shocking reasons why Twitter Trance occurs. It's the hypnotic state that leaves prospects vulnerable to your marketing messages. Here's how to FULLY capitalize on it.
  • The dirty "hot coffee" secret to seducing your prospects' minds, so they'll eagerly open up their wallets to you.
  • Psychic Market Research: Do this and you'll instantly uncover your prospects' hopes, fears and dreams. Tailor make your marketing angle to your target audience with pinpoint precision.
  • Plus much more.

Module 2

An Introduction to C2C Branding

Twitter Marketing Strategies - The Twitter Salvation System Module 2 - Introduction to Consumer to Consumer Branding

  • The Conversion Costume: What secret elements your bio must "wear" in order to instantly double your chances of a stranger following you.
  • According to studies, 60% of the compelling reasons for someone to follow is an interesting bio. How to develop an intriguing personality overnight using just this one simple 20 second tweak.
  • SOLVED: The baffling mystery of indifference. Why do some people effortlessly become social media icons while other toil in obscurity? A simple lightning-quick way to cross the divide.
  • Plus much more.

Module 3

Leads on Speed

Twitter Marketing Strategies - The Twitter Salvation System Module 3 - Leads on Speed - Lead Generation

  • How to survive--and even profit from the growing world crisis. How to pile up 1300 prospects in under three weeks with the Valuable Spammer secret.
  • The right thing to say to create instant buzz in your marketplace. How to create true viral sensations, and not just pointless "throw and see what sticks" wasted effort!
  • Do this and rapidly suck in instant traffic like a Hoover on steroids to your site. HINT: It does not have these words, "please check this out". In fact, that might kill your response.
  • Plus much more.

Module 4

The Seth Godin Secret to Relationship Marketing

Twitter Marketing Strategies - The Twitter Salvation System Module 4 - The Seth Godin Secret to Relationship Marketing

  • How to know when your prospects are utterly, undeniably in love with you. PLUS: An overlooked technique to turn them into raving evangelists!
  • Sprinkle this powerful "anthropological" fairy dust on your list of buyers, and instantly transform them into your zealous sales force--FOR FREE.
  • Three simple yet effective ways to create a tribe around your brand. One is to champion a cause bigger than yourself. Find out what the other two are inside.
  • Plus much more.

Module 5

Mavenship in a Month

Twitter Marketing Strategies - The Twitter Salvation System Module 5 - Mavenship In A Month

  • How to attract a flood of genuine testimonials whenever you need it--with just 5 words? It's like you have the Open Sesame magic words to unleash a flood of credibility whenever you want it.
  • ELIMINATE THE COMPETITION by sealing you--and only you as your prospect's go-to person. Remarkable 3-step process to monopolize the mindshare in your prospect's head.
  • The quickest, easiest way to become the authority in your niche--by typing just 1 sentence.
  • PLUS: Three "Submission Enhancers" that give you unquestioned credibility in everything you come out with. Embed them in your Tweets and turn your toughest skeptics into loyal subjects.
  • Plus much more.

Module 6

Joint Ventures in a Jiffy

Twitter Marketing Strategies - The Twitter Salvation System Module 6 - Joint Ventures In A Jiffy

  • The never-before-revealed secret to getting a guru's attention. Stop waving frantically and screaming "I'm here!". Do this instead and get them following you first for a change!
  • WARNING: Commit this Twitter faux pas and instantly annihilate all chances of generating meaningful connections. All it takes is just ONE errant link. Good News: How to avoid them.
  • Positiving Parroting: Did you know that the more familiar you are to someone, the more likable you are? A sneaky 30 second positioning trick to fully EXPLOIT this neurological trait and cause them to quickly include you into their inner circle. It really is that easy!
  • PLUS: The truth about approaching the top dogs: Why even established marketers fail in initiating these lucrative partnerships, and what you must do to get into their Rolodex.
  • Plus much more.

An Explosive Crisis-proof Business is Possible--
You Just Need To Know What to Do!

I trust you realize what I'm about to share with you is for your benefit...the only way you can currently unleash the full power that's available to you on Twitter is to acquire and put these hard won secrets to work.

The lack of just one key technique--such as The Knew/New Secret, could cause your progress to be set back weeks, even months!

Let me spell it out for you.

With the Twitter Salvation System...

There's no more "Why isn't this marketing product working for me?"-style complaining. Just fast, nearly-unbelievable results.

Skeptical? I understand.

As more proof that it really does work, here are three video case studies for you:

"5325% Increase in Followers Over a Weekend!"

David Bailey's goal is to reach out to a non English-speaking audience. Here's the astonishing video that shows you his explosive results:

"1,021 Followers in A Week"

Jonathan Gunson's goal is to have 2 million people (yes, you read that right) access his TV production website via Twitter. Here's what he was able to do with the Twitter Salvation System:

"$800 in 26 Seconds"

See what Cory Boatright, millionaire real estate marketer has to say:

How much do you believe the Twitter Salvation System is worth to you?

How much would it set you back to invest in yet another stock market scheme that might disappoint you, or even wipe you out? Thousands? Tens of thousands? MORE?

If you're currently "working-for-the-man", what's the real cost of staying in that dead-end job, constantly living on the edge--fearful that you'll be downsized, outsourced or replaced one day. The sad thing? Most people mistake that kind of mediocrity for all there is to life. What's the cost of being laid off? At least another few thousand?

What about one more over-hyped Internet Marketing Seminar that basically spews the lies they're sure you WANT to hear, as OPPOSED to the truth you need to hear? Are you willing to spend another $500-$1500 for an event filled with rehashed ideas, or worse yet, is just another pitchfest?

Listen: You really shouldn't invest thousands of dollars to try to get out of debt. However, not doing anything at all is certainly worse.

You're probably aware of a whole slew of Twitter products on Clickbank, available for cheap.

You can buy them, no biggie. Just don't get disappointed with the rehashed information you discover. After all, you get what you paid for.

If you're using Twitter for SEO purposes and as a mindless traffic tool, than this product may not be for you.

If you want a system that teaches you to make serious money from Twitter as opposed to messing around, then you're really risking little with this modest investment

Through some well thought out strategic testing I discovered that it was easy to turn Twitter into a nearly instant lead generating machine. I know you can apply these methods and get the same kinds of results too. Others just like you already have.

That's why you can get these revolutionary wealth-creating and prosperity-attracting techniques at a more-than-reasonable price.

Your modest investment in this sure fire way to beat the recession is only $97 while a limited number of copies lasts.

That's cheaper than just about any stock option and most self-help coaching programs.

There Is One Important Thing You Must Note

This special price of $97 will be raised sometime soon without warning.

The reason why is because we want to give you a head-start in the Twitter game. We believe the price raise is needed because the information is so valuable that we're not going to allow any Tom, Dick or Harry to exploit the information.

Here's the shocking thing.

There might be a possibility we might just take the whole page down.

Why? It's simple...

Laura and I do all the customer support ourselves.

As a result, we can only properly serve a finite number of clients without compromising on the quality of the care we give you.

We decided to limit availabilty to around 300 copies. If it seems that we can reliably support more, that number may go higher. We have not quite decided.

I feel it's only fair to let you know that marketers with lists ranging from over 40,000 people, to over 100,000 subscribers are mailing to their lists already.

300 copies. Hundreds of thousands of people. A hot product.

You do the math. Then make sure to get your copy of the Twitter Salvation System now.

Here's one other important thing:

Just to make this offer even more irresistible than it already is, I decided to throw in a little under $1000 worth of bonuses from a cast of marketing all-stars. It also includes some of my "best-of" content.

This is not the run-of-the-mill throwaway filler you get from a lot of so called giveaways.

They're personally hand-picked by me and I've even had to reject close friends...because I'm committed to giving you the best-of-the-best!

Due to the sheer value of these gifts, I have decided to remove them when this initial launch offer is over.

That's to weed out the tire-kickers and freebie seekers from the crowd. This hard won treasure trove of information will transform your business, and it's so powerful I want to share it with only those who are serious about applying the techniques.

Once again, you only invest $97 into the Twitter Salvation System. As soon as you put the techniques into use, your ongoing avalanche of hot leads is FREE.

If you have any doubts, your $97 investment is also protected by my no-nonsense trademark 60 day guarantee...

Don't Say "Yes". Just Say "Maybe" And Give It a Risk-Free Test-Drive For a Full 2 Months!

I actually hate seeing the word "guarantee" everywhere. What is it supposed to mean? It's just words. Fluffy things to get money out of your pocket. So, I'm making you more than just a guarantee.

It's my PERSONAL PROMISE to you.

I honestly believe this is the most powerful, surefire and astounding way to transform your business. I would rather you NOT spend money with me ever again if I thought you were even remotely disappointed. So here it is...

NO B.S. NO FRILLS NO FEAR 60 Day Guarantee

Twitter Marketing Strategies Guaranteed To WorkI believe you'll agree I've proven that the Twitter Salvation System will work miracles to help your business beat the recession. If for some strange reason you're still undecided as to whether the Twitter Salvation System 2.0 is right for you, let me remove all risk from your decision with this simple guarantee:

Your No-Nonsense No-Weasel No-Risk Guarantee:
You MUST be absolutely, positively ecstatic with the results the Twitter Salvation System gives you for thriving during the recession, or I guarantee and insist on giving you a full and prompt refund of every cent you paid. Not only will I refund every penny you invested in the system, all the free gifts you've received are yours to keep too.

So take action right now, because this offer can disappear at any time. Rush below and enroll right NOW.

Now There's Even More Reason To Enroll...

Because I'm certain that the Twitter Salvation System will tremendously benefit you, I decided to throw in some valuable FREE bonuses to sweeten the pot for you to make getting it even more irresistible.

Bonus #1:

Exclusive 90 Minute Teleseminar Recording with Dan Hollings, The Marketing Genius Behind "The Secret" ($97 Value)

Yes, I'm taking about the marketing genius behind the explosive viral marketing that made The Secret a multimillion dollar phenomenon.

He's one of those inacessible behind-the-scenes underground types, so getting him is an advantange that you really should seize immediately.

During an exclusive call, I'll be grilling him about his patented Twitter strategies. After all, his 100 Twitter Tips campaign was one of the biggest viral sensations online.

You'll learn never-before-tips and tricks from the man I deemed my Twitter sensei when I first stepped on this turf. The student and master will tussle for your benefit and money-making possibilities.

Yes, There's More!

Bonus #2:

No-Holds Barred Call Recording with "Success Fool" Alejandro Reyes ($97 Value)

I'm really excited by the opportunity to interview the Success Fool.

If you have ever heard of Alejandro, you would know his amazing social media-driven success story.

Attempting to escape an already tanking mortgage industry in 2006, Alejandro turned to social media marketing with no list, no name and no product.

The results he got were phenomenal, and in a really short time, he started making six figures online on a regular basis.

Wouldn't it be cool if this was your story?

Now, I have convinced this social marketing rock star to share his explosive social media strategies ONLY to Twitter Salvation System customers.

You get a private email with a top secret link to access this potentially game-changing call. In this 60 minute call, you'll learn:

  • The brain-dead simple way to effectively connect with influencers in your niche.
  • How to create JVs the way the multi-millionaire gurus are doing it. No partnering with unprofitable deadbeats again.
  • Personal Branding secrets that not even the Madison Avenue agencies know about.
  • Ninja tools to automate your video Marketing. PLUS: Secret list of overlooked sites to get FREE Instant Targeted Traffic.
  • Plus much, much more!
Yes, There's Still More!

Bonus #3:

The Faster Webmaster - Twitter Videos for Beginners ($27 Value)

Even if you're completely new to Twitter, there's GOOD NEWS, because you have not been forgotten.

My good friend Erik Stafford, the Faster Webmaster, with an ever faster rising star, has shot a video on Twitter basics just for you.

His awesome teaching style is indeed a play-by-play, step-by-step blueprint for the Twitter newcomer to become a Twitter rock star at the speed of light. (Hey, there's a very good reason why he's called the Faster Webmaster!)

Yes, There's Even More!

Bonus #4:

Email Starter Pack Video Series ($97 Value)

This project started out as an upsell. It was a compilation of all my deeply held secrets to crafting emails that could earn 6 figures in one day.

However, because I want to convince you to take a chance on this relative "unknown", I decided to give away one of my most powerful products--absolutely FREE!

In this series you get...

  • My never-before-revealed 4-step email copywriting process. Master this and you transform every click of "Send" into a license to print money.
  • Writing Down the Bones: The single most efficient technique for churning out effective money-sucking emails in 20 minutes or less...So simple that even a writing-phobic newbie can start profiting immediately.
  • Mark Joyner says this theory will quadraple your response rates. My trademark Sparks Technique revealed. Instantly transform your indifferent prospects into hungry buyers--with just ONE sentence?
  • 7 amazing subject lines that could jack up your open rate by a whopping 324%. Example: Write like your tech-phobic grandma and see results soar!
  • Plus much, much more!
There's Still Even More!

Bonus #5:

The Uncensored MindValley Labs Sessions ($197 Value)

Before I was the Puppet Master, I was just regular ol' copywriter Ken, happily writing copy for a company that has now become an unstoppable juggernaut in the marketing and personal development realm.

I'm ecstatic to say that I was one of the key figures contributing to their explosive growth. One of the primary reasons was that on every Tuesday and Thursday, it was time for the Kenneth sessions. During those sessions I revealed my marketing techniques and cutting edge insights from the persuasion disciplines.

Now, for the first time, these top secret audios have been unleashed to a world that needs these giant-making strategies more than ever. It's more than 3 hours worth of unfiltered, unhindered actionable play-by-play blueprints that you can apply to your business immediately.

Here's a tiny sample of what you get:

  • The Paprika Effect. What a budget steakhouse in downtown Singapore will teach you about customer delight. Sprinkle this "magic fairy dust" on your client and see your relationship marketing instantly taken to a whole new level.
  • Your marketing must be percieved as a gift. How to harness the insanely powerful Trojan Horse Secret to boost response rates by a staggering 136%--with just one simple tweak.
  • Dull utterly ignored headline? Quick 6 second fix.
  • The best teaching on generating breakthrough big ideas for accelerated business growth you'll ever hear. Overconfident? Perhaps. Inaccurate? Not at all. Hold my feet to the fire as I teach you the never-before-revealed secret to profitable ideation from the Ogilvy inner sanctum.
  • Plus much, much more!
Yes, There's Still Even More!

Bonus #6:

The Twitter Salvation System Manual ($27 Value)

There's a lot of information in the 6 modules. A lot.

To the best of my recollection, there's probably conservatively nearly 4 hours worth of content in these parts.

You never imagined Twitter to be this complex, did you?

That's why I'm giving you a jam packed 50 page PDF manual to reference.

Pore over the insights, refer to it over and over again, and reflect on how to apply the Naughty Nickname Secret to further accelerate your personal branding efforts on other mediums.

Yes, There's Still EVEN More!

Bonus #7:

The Twitter Salvation System Quick Start Video Pack ($47 Value)

Before the Twitter Salvation System was shot by one of Asia's award-winning TV studios, it started life as a series of screencast videos.

I did Module 1 and part of Module 2 with just me and a laptop.

I then distributed it around to potential beta testers.

To both my delight and theirs, they were able to increase followers in the thousands, attract lucrative JV partners, and my material was actually being re-tweeted around!

I guess even with all the polish of the current videos, I still sometimes prefer the authencity and grit of these gems.

In fact, I was so eager to overdeliver that there are some secrets in here that you can't find in the other modules.

And in case you're lacking in time, this 1 hour worth of videos is the quickest, easiest way to get up to speed and tweet your way out of a recession.

In these Quick Start videos, you'll learn:

  • The amazing laser-accurate Perfect Day exercise. The closer you get to filling the void in your prospect's life, the more wildy successful you will be. Here's the fastest way to get there.
  • What you must do to transform a mere 140 characters into a deadly ninja star that can effortlessly penetrate your prospect's defenses.
  • The 7 deadly sins of Twitter. Each one has the equal chance of you getting OSTRACIZED by the social media scene. Learn what they are and repent today!
  • Plus much more.
Yes, There's Still EVEN More!

Bonus #8

Viral Alchemy with Jonathan Gunson ($27)

Jonathan Gunson is one of the primary success stories of the Twitter Salvation System. He went from 546 followers to more than 10,000 responsive followers in 3 months using my system.

He's the creator and "Traffic Barista" of TrafficCafe.TV, the marketing world's primary TV show on tips and tricks to generate traffic at will.

What's remarkable is he's no slouch in the Traffic department. He's the master of zero-cost, viral marketing tactics that had brought a million hits to his website in less than a month and created a global success.

He reveals all in his book "Viral Alchemy", a buzz marketing blueprint that you can replicate for your business.

Viral alchemy outlines Jonathan's amazing strategy of releasing your offer onto the Internet where it spreads like wildfire, by word-of-mouth, carrying your website address right around the world, expanding and growing just like a real virus does. It brought me a tsunami of traffic.

Plus, you also get the Traffic Cafe spin-off "The Traffic Blueprint", As seen on Traffic Cafe TV every day. This blueprint reveals the system that can turn Jonathan's trademark tactics into massive traffic flows to your website

No Pay Per Click, No Advertising, No 'Equalizer' Pages, No Big Budgets ...

Just millions of potential customers ... waiting for you.

And, yes - you guessed, There's Still EVEN More!

Bonus #9

Interview with James Rivers ($97)

This is going to be a good one.

In a few weeks, I'm going to have a "tell-all" interview with Twitter marketer extraordinaire James Rivers, creator of the Twitter Power System.

You may not have heard of James River, but let me assure you this "behind-the-scenes" genius is the real deal.

His combination of sound marketing principles and Twitter tools is marketing gold. He has BRAND NEW info that the gurus don't tell you.

In fact, the gurus probably don't know about them.

In this 90 minute teleseminar, you'll learn advanced strategies like:

  • How to use the Twitter Search to begin your process of laser-targeting your most responsive audience.
  • 5 Twitter "power tools" that you can't live without. PLUS: * Best "Times" to Tweet and get "Retweeted.
  • Viral Tweets. How to achieve the "Digg Effect" with more Twitter traffic than you can handle.
  • PLUS: How to Track when people are clicking on your links (do they care about the stuff you tweet about)
  • PLUS: Hashtags and Marketing - How to use these two concepts together.
  • And much, much more.
Yes, There's EVEN One More HUGE Surprise!

Bonus #10:

A One-On-One Copy Polish Consultation with the Michael Millman ($150 Value)

Michael Millman Twitter Marketing Strategies

Michael Millman has been working quietly below the radar until recently. He's been called "the copywriter's copywriter". He bills himself as "The Copy Polisher". He's one of Twitter's quickly rising stars himself.

His work has been exhalted by marketing luminaries like Ted Nicholas, Robert Allen, Jonathan Mizel, Brad Antin and Kenrick Cleveland. Even the late, great Gary Halbert, the Prince of Print, the self proclaimed greatest living copywriter of his time praised his personal style.

His clients rave about the magic he works when he touches their copy with his talent. He's even responsible for smoothing and polishing the copy on this page to a glistening sheen.

If you want your words to sparkle like diamonds and sing like a siren seducing your prospects onto your bottom line profits, then listen to this man and put him and his methods to work on your copy, pronto.

There's no doubt he's a Top Gun copywriter with A-List chops. I'm delighted he's agreed to give you a complimentary consultation on any aspect of your copy as an extra special bonus for acquiring the Twitter Salvation System.

This one bonus alone is worth considerably more than your entire investment in the Twitter Salvation System, based on what you'll learn from a true copy persuasion master. Grab it while you have the chance, or look back later and rue the missed opportunity.

In this One-On-One Personal Consultation, you'll discover:

  • The one word you should almost NEVER use that interrupts the positive flow in your prospect's mind, that you see used constantly. Eliminate this one word alone in your copy to make more sales.
  • The most powerful five word phrase in the English language for gaining willing compliance to almost any request you make.
  • The 7 Veiled Negative Persuasion Patterns. Master avoiding these and your copy will always pull much higher readership and conversions.
  • The Typography Secrets of Eye Popping Copy. These little known and all too rarely used tricks practically force your reader to stay glued to your page, absorbing every word of your message.
  • Plus much, MUCH more.

Let's recap...

Here's Everything You Get

  1. The Twitter Salvation System Home Study Course... With 4 BRAND NEW pro and newbie Modules... A Whopping 6 Modules with a total of 18 videos... for a hilariously low $97.
  2. The Twitter Salvation System Manual ($27)
  3. The Twitter Salvation System Quick Start Videos ($47)
  4. Dan Hollings 90 Minute Teleseminar ($97)
  5. Alejandro Reyes Social Media Teleseminar ($97)
  6. James River Twitter Power Marketing Teleseminar ($97)
  7. Viral Alchemy with "Traffic Barista" Jonathan Gunson ($27)
  8. The Faster Webmaster Twitter Basics Videos ($27)
  9. Email Salvation System Home Study Course ($97)
  10. Uncensored MindValley Labs Sessions ($97)
  11. Copy Polishing Consultation with Michael Millman ($150)

Total value of package? $910

Today only, it's yours for only $97.

Make sure you're one of the elite tweets who cashes in big on this system.

I Urge You--Let
Your Financial Destiny--NOW

This is one of those watershed moments in your life. Three paths lie before you:

1. You can bury your head in the sand. As the economy collapses and takes down your savings, 401k and livelihood with it, you can choose to ignore it, work on your business and hope that things will recover and life will resume as normal. At the risk of sounding harsh--with so much at stake, can you really, really afford to do that?

2. You can try to figure all this out on your own. You can grumble about how this whole online marketing thing is a sham...on how excruciatingly slow your sales are in an increasingly unforgiving world. You're going to live with the knowledge that you once had the chance to never say, "I wish I had known" but never took advantage of it...

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